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    Since our family started the mining operations by 1969,we built up our mining operations day by day by adding new quarries to our corporate body and finally; the factory EsMer was founded in 1996 for the purpose of processing our own quarry materials by high quality standarts.


    The main idea underlying the establishment of EsMer was creating value for all. Value for the customers,value for the partners,value for the employees and proud for ourselves. We have continuosly made technology investments, added new machinery and plants to our corporate body and  created a 9.000 sqm closed/23.000 sqm facility which exports its materials to more than 30 countries in the world.


    Today,third generation in Unal family continues along the journey that was initiated in 1969 and EsMer takes one of the leading positions in the market, through its reliable business ethics, just in time production and high quality standarts. Under favour of all these disciplines, the company has been establishing strong international partnerships.


    Our family business which is coming closer to 50 years has a single continual and unchanging target:

    Maximizing the Customer Satisfaction.


    We run all of our activities with an understanding focused on perfect production rule along the principles of institutional management at international standards, and  keeps generating satisfaction of and inspiration in our customers.


    While dreaming of a bright future cooperation with your esteemed company, we wish the best for you and for your organisation.


    Meet the Marble We Serve, Quality You Deserve.




    •We aim to satisfy our clients and employees with a continuously development and to be a market leading natural stone company.

    •We want to add value to our client’s projects with our qualified products and also we want our coworkers to reach the qualified products with reasonable prices.

    •While we deliver the best service experience, we want to establish strong partnerships with our clients.

    •Consequently, we will reach the level that to be shown as a reference point in the international natural stone market.


    We believe that processing the limited natural stone resources by the best way is our main mission. By this way; we will be able to contribute to the economics of our region by providing customer satisfactory solutions and producing high value-added products.


    Our other primary missions are being pioneer by making innovative investments, performing our institutional social responsibilities and sustaining our activities by being an environment-friendly business operation.


    Working Culture:

    EsMer Marble Co. approaches the companies which it buys goods and takes services, like a business partner. Never compromises of honesty and integrity and faithful to the contracts.

    Integrity is an irrevocable part of EsMer’s business principal. We maintain our relations with our employees, our clients, our suppliers and the society on the basis of clarity and honesty.

    EsMer Marble Co. meets the responsibility in any condition which is the necessity of being loyal to law and work ethics.

    Customer Oriented Business Operations is an essential part of EsMer’s work culture. EsMer believes that the reason of its customer loyalty is the ambition of EsMer’s fast response to the customers’ needs and being loyal to the work ethics and the qualifed goods and services it offers.


    Business Relations and Fairness:

    EsMer Marble Co. ;

    •Pays attention to respectful behaviour in relations with the employees/suppliers/partners/shareholders and society. EsMer Marble •Co. behaves individuals which are related with the company, in an honoroble manner.
    •Stays at the same distance with the public institutions, non-governmental organisations, political parties without expecting a benefit while running its business operations.
    •Cares the diversity of its employees, respects personal charasteristics and personality and ensures that every employee adopts and performs this behaviour.
    •Considers the suggestions of employees as an opportunity of improvement for the organization and the processes.

    Customer Satisfaction:

    EsMer Marble Co. ;

    •Is reachable at shooting troubles about the products as fast as possible and prevents customer victimization.
    •Tries to take the product quality beyond the customer expectation.
    •Focuses on creating a global and local service perception which foresees customer satisfaction.

    Product and Service Quality:

    EsMer Marble Co. ;

    •Performs its growth goals fast and reliable with national and international regularity.
    •Conducts its activities according to the international quality standards and protects its quality certificates with all its employees.
    •Never offers misleading and/or harmful products to its customers/clients.

    Employee Rights and Occupational Safety

    EsMer Marble Co. ;

    •Pays attention to the occupational safety and worker’s health discipline at production processes.
    •Cares and takes action about the employees’ self improvement and besides business goals and competitiveness of the company,
    •Tries to provide some values to emloyees such as honesty, consistency, respect, trust, responsibility and also and efficient workplace where employees can express, improve themselves.
    •Supports voluntary participation of the employees’ social activities.
    •Takes precautions with the necessary equipment and procedure for occupational health and safety.

    Environmental Conscience

    EsMer Marble Co. ;

    •Pays attention to protect the environment at a maximum level.
    •Uses natural resources and energy resources efficiently and avoids wastage.
    •Controls the pollution and industrial waste which is the result of production process and acts according to the regulations.
    •Searches for the opportunity of recycle and revalue opportunities and benefits from these gains in its plants.


    As EsMer Marble Co.; we are aware of that it’s only possible to be succesful by providing high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    On this way, EsMer Marble Co.;

    • Takes care of customer issues and gives support for the solution of the issues.
    • Cares about the clear information between sides.
    • Gives keepable promises to customers.
    • Reachable at all processes, tries to prevent customer victimization.
    • Tries to carry product quality belong the customer expectations.


    It’s a necessity of our foresight policy to use resources efficiently which is offered by our world and it’s our human duty as well. Therefore, we feel debted to use these resources carefully and we think that it’s a reflection of our respect to the world, environment, humanity and also to the next generation.


    As we meet the functional requirements of nature friendly production, EsMer makes recycle process by using water purification and filter press systems in its plant and saves approximately 250.000 m3 water anually.



    As EsMer, we feel indebted to support contributing projects about lives of infants, elders, helpless women and disabled citizens.